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01 December 2009


Hi Garth!

It will be new, too. Still not sure how to detail the tower - don't want it to look like a Long John Silver's. Ideas?

The pattern is that the old estate homes along Lake Erie typically had a water tower with a cistern atop to provide water and pressure to the buildings on the estate grounds. The remaining ones are slender, tall, and don't taper. This one will have a very small observation room at the top - no Fresnel. At the second level, there may be a whirlpool/soaking tub facing west.

A rainwater cistern at the lower level or in the basement is a possibility, especially if there's ever going to be a small garden. We have public water, but it would be nice to collect the rainwater.

Your sketches are wonderful, and I think that the house will be stunning. Are you building a lighthouse also, or is that exisitng?

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